Merit Apprenticeship Program   
Building tomorrow's workforce 

Application Process
To become part of MAP, companies must complete the following application process.

Please download application form below to begin your application.
Click here to download file for the ABC Company Members
Click here to download file for the ABC Company Non-Members

NOTE: ABC-member companies are exempt from submitting the "required documents" listed below under step 2. 

1.  All companies must contact MAP at (781) 273-0123 to request a viewing of "MAP/Apprenticeship 101" orientation session. Viewing may occur on a one-on-one basis or in small groups. Upon completion of this viewing, interested companies will receive a MAP application. Applications will not be accepted without proof of session attendance. 

2. Applicants then submit a completed and signed official MAP membership application, along with the required documents listed below, to the MAP Apprenticeship Oversight Committee (AOC) or its agent:
  • Bank Reference Payment
  • Three Business References
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Safety Training
  • Hazard Training
  • Worker Comp
  • Unemployment
  • Independent Contractor (if applicable)

3. The AOC or its agent will review the application for accuracy and completeness and will correct any oversights.

4. Each applicant shall receive any and all membership information, including, but not limited to, the following: the MAP "Apprenticeship 101" slide presentation, MAP membership application, Apprenticeship Standards document, and copies of all supporting documents and information. 

5. At least one member of the AOC or its agent will review the application and make a written or e-mail recommendation to the entire voting AOC membership. 

6. AOC members will vote electronically on membership. In the case of a tie vote, the AOC Secretary (ABCMA's Director of Workforce Development) will cast the deciding vote. Ex-officio members are welcome to participate in the discussion but do not retain a vote. 

7. MAP membership fees and/or any other fees required shall not be deposited until the applicant employer has been voted into MAP. If AOC's decision is to deny membership, the fees shall be returned to the applicant immediately. 

8. The applicant employer shall receive an email or written response from the AOC or its agent regarding the outcome of the membership vote. The response shall include the vote and any and all comments that contributed to the decision. If the decision is negative, the response will list the reason(s) why the applicant employer was not voted into MAP. 

9. If favorably voted upon, the employer will receive a phone call or e-mail from a member of the AOC or its agent to discuss and reinforce the employer's responsibilities in regards to MAP. If the employer received a negative vote they may petition the AOC to dispute the outcome. All efforts will be made to secure a hearing at the next scheduled AOC meeting. Hearing determinations are final but the employer may re-apply after satisfying any and all deficiencies. 

10. The employer must sign the Employer Agreement before they are officially recognized as a MAP member in good standing.