Merit Apprenticeship Program   
Building tomorrow's workforce 

Welcome to the Merit Apprenticeship Program. MAP is a training coalition of merit shop contractors that have joined together to train individuals interested in pursuing careers in the construction trades. Training not only strengthens our companies, but also builds the future workforce we in construction so desperately need. Join with us to build a strong Merit Shop. If you are a company or an individual click here to begin your MAP Application.
A message to companies ... 

If we satisfied your hiring needs for both private and public construction opportunities ...

If we 
provide you with an existing registered apprentice training program which satisfies all your public bidding requirements ...

If we made sure that your apprentices were attending classes and satisfying their monthly testing requirements ... 

If we handled all of the bureaucratic maze of requirements and restrictions associated with the multitude of government agencies ...

Wouldn't you want to hire us? 

There are many good shops. 
Let MAP guide you to be the finest! 

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Apprenticeship 101

All companies and individuals interested in becoming a part of MAP must attend an "Apprenticeship 101" orientation in either a one-on-one or group setting. To schedule a meeting or to inquire about an upcoming presentation near you, contact the Associated Builders and Contractors of Massachusetts at (781) 273-0123. 
GI Bill & Apprenticeship

Most veterans are aware that GI Bill benefits can assist them in obtaining education and training in a traditional college environment, but many are unaware that these benefits can also be collected on a monthly basis, in addition to regular full-time wages, for participation in approved employer-sponsored apprenticeship training programs such as MAP.
Learn more about this excellent educational opportunity and help us build America.
Company Spotlight

Each month we spotlight an ABC-member company that has achieved success building a strong workforce with the help of MAP.

Stay tuned for to learn how MAP is helping this company succeed!